Bridger Ridge Run - Race 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017 7:00 AM
Rt. 86 Bridger Canyon
Bozeman, MT

Event Summary:
WARNING: THIS IS A CLOSED RACE. ONLY PRE-SELECTED REGISTRANTS MAY ENTER. Anyone else who registers, we thank you for your donation, but you will not be refunded nor entered. This is a rugged 20-mile mountain traverse across the Bridger crest. 7:00 AM start at Fairy Lake and finishes at the College M parking lot, regarded as one of the most grueling trail runs in America with 7,000 feet ascent and 9,000 feet descent over rocky terrain with spectacular views.
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If you didn't received Acceptance email, please do not register for the race.

If you do register, we thank you for your donation but you will not be refunded nor entered. There is no waiting list or substitution list. No refunds.

ENTER ACCURATE DATA:  Please take care in entering your data correctly. We communicate via email, so if your email address is incorrect or does not accept group emails, you will not get important information. If you register for others (friends or family members), please use THEIR email not yours. We won't accept registrations that uses one email for multiple registrations. This is very important to make sure all announcements will be sent to those who signed up.

Your age is based on birthdate, so make sure you enter the correct year. Also, emergency contact is crucial, both name and number. If your information changes, let us know at Thanks! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RECEIVING EMAILS!!!

REGISTRATION FEE: The price is $75 non refundable and the service fee is $5.00, so the total will be $80.00. For ten-timers, previous overall winners, and water haulers, please choose the appropriate category so you are not charged. Non appropriate folks entering the Previous Overall Winner / 10+ repeat finisher category will not be officially registered.

ESTIMATED TIME: For estimated time, you need to put a decimal number, i.e. 4, or 5.5, or 6.25, which refers to hours. If you have never done it before, but have done a marathon, add about 1/3 to your marathon time, i.e. you run a 4 hour marathon, you'll do around a 5.3 hour Ridge Run. Doubling your round trip M-to-Baldy-to-M time is also a good estimate.

WAVE STARTS:  To prevent congestion at the start, we have 5 waves starting every 5 minutes at 7:00. Wave time is deducted from finish time. Wave 1 is for highly trained athletes. Wave 2 is for those who expect to finish in 4 1/2 to 5 hours. Wave 3 is for 5+ to 6 hour finishers. Wave 4 is for approximately 6+ to 7 hours. Wave 5 is for 7+ hour finishers. We will use your guesstimate and other factors in determining waves. If you want to be with someone, plan ahead and please submit the same estimated finish time and wave. We cannot guarantee buddies. We'll tell you your wave a week before the race.

SAFETY & ORIENTATION:  Runners, especially first timers, NEED to attend the pre-race meeting at 3:00, 4:00 or 5:00 PM Friday night at the M Trailhead to receive updated information and review maps. The M Trailhead is located about 2 miles North of Bozeman on 86N, and is the finish line of the race.  You MUST be at least 18 yrs old to participate in this adventure. Please, NO DOGS, bring water, wear layers and a hat. If you must drop out of the race, PLEASE let someone know of your decision and location so we don't spend hours trying to rescue you. Show your bib number at each checkpoint.

REFUNDS & CANCELLATION:  There are NO refunds for any reason. Funds are donated to good local trail causes. Please let us know if you need to cancel. We must keep track of each runner on the mountain, so it's very important to know who is out there. To cancel, email mail to:

AWARD CEREMONY: 10-year age group categories will be recognized with medals 3 deep at the post race party.  Door prizes are given to lots of runners and volunteers. Top runners receive trophies and an engraved spot on the permanent race plaque. All finishers receive a special secret prize. It's fun!

OTHER SITES of INTEREST: For more information: and

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20 Mile, Mountains, Running Event

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