Bridger Ridge Run Selection / Lottery 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017 12:01 AM
Bridger Canyon
Bozeman, MT

Event Summary:
The Bridger Ridge Run now offers a selection system for entry. Runners pay $5 (plus $1.55 fee) to enter the lottery for 300 final slots. Participants will be chosen by a selection committee for reasons of past performance, compelling arguments, and other qualifications. Selection fee is NOT refundable. Once chosen, runners must then pay the full $75 entry fee and register within one week. See specifics below.
Event Details:


NOTE: The Registration button will appear on May 7, 2017 allowing you to register.

OPTIONAL COMPELLING PARAGRAPH: You have just one text box of 50 words to tell us why you want in. Give us a real reason, not "I'm a really nice person" nor a link to your 20-minute running video. Remember we the board are reading 400+ paragraphs. Describe your passion, what you will do for the race, or tell a great story, and make us laugh or cry.
The essay part is optional, but it helps if you have come out to work an aid station, sweep, carry water, or have a special reason to run.

Also, this year, there is NO WAITING LIST OR BACKUP.

RUNNER REQUIREMENTS: ALL POTENTIAL RIDGE RUNNERS, including Ten-timers, water carriers, past winners, and other runners MUST enter this selection / lottery to have any chance at all of getting into the Bridger Ridge Run. Once lottery picks and selections are made, NO ONE ELSE gets in. Period.

TEN-TIMERS, WINNERS: If you have run the Ridge Run 10 times or more, you receive automatic entry but must still enter this selection / lottery to let us know of your desire to run. Same goes for past overall winners. Winners and 10 Timers get in free. Your status will be verified with our records.

EMAIL COMMUNICATION: We absolutely need your CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS. Email MUST BE UNIQUE to each participant! Email is the only way we communicate with you. If you provide a non-working email address, fail to check your email, or your spam filter blocks our email - you WILL NOT receive important communications. If you fail to receive email communication, it is YOUR problem, NOT the race's. This may include your notification that you were selected. We will not pursue you, and you will lose your lottery standing. The reason for this is that it takes a lot of time to track down a new email or phone number and find you. If you do not hear anything from us, email

If you register for others (friends or family members), please use THEIR email not yours. This is very important to make sure all announcements will be sent to those who signed up.

CONSIDERATION GIVEN: If you have cleared trails for the Ridge in the past, if you have carried water in past years, if you tried to get into the Ridge Run last year but failed, or if you are a Big Sky Wind Drinker member in good standing, you may receive extra consideration for entry. Keep in mind that the race only needs a certain amount of volunteers. Nevertheless, do give us a good reason to let you in the race!

TAKE YOUR TIME: All questions must be answered accurately, fully and truthfully. If you do not answer all questions, you will be immediately rejected. Honesty is a requirement. If you are caught in a lie, you will be rejected. If you say you will not take responsibility for receiving emails (see question), you will be rejected. Give us a really compelling reason to accept you into the race. You might get in simply on the strength of your paragraph. We enjoy humor, heartfelt stories, bragging, logical arguments; all of it. DO NOT send your entire running resume. If questions are not answered, you are automatically disqualified. Make us laugh or cry! You have a whole week - please double check your data. Please enter a correct email address, and if it changes, let us know immediately.

NO REFUNDS: Your lottery fee of $5 plus service fee $1.55 is NOT refundable. You can optionally round up to $10. Funds go to the Big Sky Wind Drinkers, who give out runner scholarships and sponsor numerous running events. If you cheat or lie, and are thus rejected, there is no refund. If you break your leg, there is no refund. Sorry, and thank you. The race costs $75 plus $4.50 fee.

OTHER INFORMATION: We will request further information from you if you get in the race, i.e. emergency contact, estimated finish hours, etc. For now, don't worry about it.

RIDGE RUN DETAILS: Race day is Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 7:00 am up Bridger Canyon in Bozeman, MT. See further details and descriptions at It is a grueling 20-mile mountain top adventure for trained trail runners, said to be the toughest in the state or maybe the country. Also check the blog 



  • Lottery registration: May 7 th at 12:00am through May 14th at midnight
  • Ridge Group Selection Process: May 15th - 19th
  • Notification of acceptance into Ridge Run: May 20th
  • Acceptees register for Ridge Run: May 21st at 12:00am through May 28th st at midnight
  • Final Ridge Run List:  June 18th   Waaalaaah! The list will be posted at the

    Good luck!


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20 Mile, Mountains, Running Event

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